Revolving Platform

Revolving Platform

Revolving platform Particularly suitablewhen impossible or extremely difficult  manoeuvres.This system is suitablefor reduced spaces where installing a turnable platform is not viable.


       Avoids manoeuvres when turning on a slope.   

       Provide access to other storeys otherwise impossible

       Installed with asimple civil work.

       Easy to operate withthe (included) remote control.

       Anti-crushing"Safe Person" patented system.

       No maintenancerequested

       Shifts automatically to manual in case of power failure.

       Either ground or abovelevel installation

General features:

       Inclination: Maximum 12% 

       Structure: Structural ST-42 tubes.

       Floor: Nonslip metal sheet.

       Bearings: Life-long lubrication.

       Rotation: Either directions.

       Support: 16 periphericals and 1 central.

       Transmission: By friction with dragginglimiter.

       Control panel: Included.

       Remote Control: Included.

       Safety: Anti-crushing Safe Person patentedsystem.

Moveable revolvingPlatform to turn trucks inside tunnels and to use at civil work.  Load 50 Tones



       No civil work required

        Assembly time 6 hours

       Height, only 11cm

       Power 180 watts

       Anti crushing system Patented


Small Enclosed Lift





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