Closed Frame Hydraulic Press

Our Hydraulic Press Closed Frame solutions are equipped with the most important functions for reliable and productive forming. 

ISHA is an innovative designer, producer and servicer of hydraulic presses. Innovation, quality and precision are focus of our research work. Presses are trusted by numerous customers around theworld.

- Heavy duty welded "H" frame construction
- Minimal deflection
- Extended tool life
- Narrow design
- High quality hydraulic group
- Tables in rectified and stabilized steel
- "T"slots for accurate tools fixing
- Easy maintenance
- Cushion stroke (optional)
- Variety of operations (forming, blanking, straightening, etc)


- Used for Blanking, Compacting, Moulding, Embossing, Punching, Deep Drawing,
Coining and other general applications.


- Rigid frame under full load.
- Large daylight
- Heavy duty construction
- Die cushion cylinder provided for special cushioning effect.

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