Dock Leveler

A dock leveller is an equipment used to level up the difference in height between a floor and delivery vehicle. It has an adjustable height which can be used for various vehicles. With the dock leveller, smooth transition is ensured when goods are loaded or unloaded from/into a truck.


- Its platform is welded using robotic arm and lip in almond anti-slip steel
- Single effect lift cylinder, double effect lip cylinder
- Security stop in case of unintentional departure of the vehicle. Maximum pressure valve
- Numerous sizes of rubber cushions offered
- Adjacent foot guard steel guards
- Tilt permits Dock Leveler to recompense for canted situation
- Maintenance prop to support Dock Leveler during maintenance checks

Specification:  (approx.)

Capacity 9,000 Kgs 10,000 Kgs 12,000 Kgs 15,000Kgs
Length 2500 mm 2750 mm 2500 mm 2750 mm
Width  2000 mm 2000 mm 2000 mm 2000 mm
Travel Upward 300 mm 450 mm 300 mm 450 mm
Travel Downward 300 mm 200 mm 300 mm 200 mm
Power 2 HP 2 HP 2 HP 2 HP

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