Floor Mounted Scissor Lift

Extensively used in applications for lifting goods to various lift height. Ideal for shop floor, assembly line,
production line applications as lift tables. Also available as Low-Profile floor mounted scissor lift with the
platform at the ground level.
This lift is located on floor. In closing condition Platform elevated to certain height.

Features and Options:

- Handrails
- Manually Extended platform
- Hydraulic Extended platform
- Safety Bellows
- Used at any intermittent height
- Limit switch for auto shut off
- Hose burst valve provided on top provides easy UP/DOWN movement
- Hydraulic pump with built in overload relief
- Platform surface is made up of anti-skid checkered steel plate
- Roller platform (move a material easy)
- Mechanical lock
- Manual emergency lowering system
- Auto power failure lowering system
- Pendant box
- Landing operating panel
- Electro-mechanically interlocked gates
- Safety fencing


- Capacity : Upto 12 tons
- Platform Length : Upto 12 m
- Platform Width : Upto 6 m
- Lifting Height : Upto 12 m
- Power Source : Single / Three phase


- Capacity : Upto 5 Tons
- Platform length : Upto 4 m
- Platform width : Upto 3 m
- Lifting height : Upto 5 m
- Power source : Single/Three phase

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