Home Lift with Cast Iron Grill

Hydraulic Home Elevator:

- Powered by a quiet electric self-contained motor; no noisy hydraulics.
- Elevators are made up of modular sections standard installation with pitless.
- Plug into a standard domestic outlet like any other household appliance.
- Self- supporting structure, two parallel and vertical guides bear load of the elevator.

Technical specifications:

- One floor with intermediate-lancing option with a of 9000mm
- 3 phase/1 phase- Plugs into a standard domestic outlet.
- Capacity: Max. 500kg/2-6 passengers.
- Speed:4m/minute


- Cabin light
- Auto door (Swing door)
- Roof safety sensor
- Silent control panel & power pack
- Emergency phone
- Landing door
- Frame Cladding


- Pit and machine room not required
- Minimal Building work
- Quick and easy installation
- Low power consumption
- Economical

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