Manual Operated Filter Press

Application :
Effluent treatment plants  : Textile. Paper, Leather, Jute, Sewages, Industrial & Municipal waste water.
Ceramics                              : Clay, Porrcelain, Fine earth, Marble and Granite
Metallurgy                            : Electroplating & Electro Polishing, Steel Mill Waste, Nickel, Copper, Zinc, Lead, Silver etc.
Pharma Industries              : Antibiotic, Syrup, Intermediates and Bulk Drugs.
Chemical Industries           : Basic Chemicals, Organic & Inorganic, Resins, Starch, Enzymes, Pesticides, Activated Clay, Phosphoric Compounds, Marine
Dye Stuffs                             : Pigments, Dyes, Intermediates
Food Industries                    : Vegetable Oils, Cane Juice, Food Colors, Soups, Distilleries, Dairies & Hotels.

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