Vertical Baling Press

Applications : 

- Paper, plastic, pet, OCC, cotton, coir, tyre, fabric, rubber, foam etc

Types : 

- Single cylinder vertical baler
- Double cylinder vertical baler
- Single box baler
- Double box baler

Vertical Baling press are loaded from the front and compress from the top down.
The strapping by manual, the finalized bale is then ejected automatically from the baler.
Our vertical baling press has the capacity of processing 4-8tons per shift

Features :

- Operation through push button
- Power efficient
- Heavy & Robust structure
- Automatic Ejection
- No requirement of civil foundation

Specification:  (approx.)

Model ISV - 12 ISV - 20 ISV - 30 ISV - 40 ISV - 50
Bale weight 25-40kg 40-60kg 60-80kg 100-150kg 150-200kg
Bale size                Length 600mm 600mm 800mm 1100mm 1100mm
                               Width 400mm 400mm 600mm 760mm 760mm
                               Height 200-500mm 200-500mm 400-700mm 500-750mm 600-900mm
Chamber Size     Length 600mm 600mm 800mm 1100mm 1100mm
                               Width 400mm 400mm 600mm 760mm 760mm
                               Height 900mm 900mm 1400mm 1500mm 1800mm
Feed Opening     Length 600mm 600mm 800mm 1100mm 1100mm
                               Width 400mm 400mm 500mm 600mm 600mm
Cylinder Bore dia 100mm 125mm 150mm 160mm 180mm
Motor Power 3 HP 5 HP 7.5 HP 10 HP 15 HP
Cycle Time ( Unloaded ) 23-28 sec 40-45 sec 40-45 sec 40-45- sec 40-45 sec
No.of Tying 4 Nos 4 Nos 5 Nos 6 Nos  6 Nos
Overall Size         Length 1050mm 1050mm 1200mm 1500mm 1500mm
                              Width 750mm 750mm 1000mm 1100mm 1100mm
                              Height 2300mm 2300mm 3100mm 3900mm 4200mm
OIl Tank Capacity 50L 75L 100L 140L 180L
Controls Electric Control Panel

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